Hindustan Holograms highlight the benefits of hologram for public awareness

The Director of Hindustan Holograms to day highlighted the benefits of holograms for awareness of public.

The Director, in his deliberation said that holograms or holographic seals are equally beneficial for both the manufacturer and the consumer, for both consumer durable and non durable product range. Basically, the holographic seals are the only globally accepted proof of authentic products, produced by the manufacturer and sold by retailers. Holograms are security features and provide protection from duplicity or fake products. Presence of company’s holographic seal on the product puts the manufacturer’s guarantee of producing original and genuine products. Presence of this holographic seals on the products induces confidence in the consumer’s mind of buying and using the genuine product.

Similarly, putting holographic seals on service documents authenticates the document both by Government and private organizations. A hologram or a holographic seal on anything is the proof of genuineness and this equally benefits the consumer by assuring him/her of purchasing the genuine product, service or document.

The Director urged both manufacturer and consumer to remain aware of this fact and use holograms and holographic seals as the proof of authentication.