Hindustan Holograms explains hologram stickers and its technology to all

The Director, Hindustan Holograms explained the technicalities of holograms for public benefit.

He said that Holography is a photographic technique. In this technique, the scattered light from the object is collected and recorded, and presented in such a manner that the image appears to be three dimensional. This three dimensional image is formed by interference of light beams from a laser. When this image is suitable illuminated, it gives a three dimensional effect.

Holographic labels or stickers are made by using premium material and sophisticated printing techniques. These stickers are proof of originality of brands or products. To print a holographic sticker or label, first a Master is made. This Master is made on a metal plate and can be used for printing holograms repeatedly. It has a suitably long storage life. The Master is used on printing material to print sheets of holographic seals or labels. These holograms are printed in different sizes and quantities as per the demand of the customer. Each hologram, holographic sticker or label can be used for only once, as all of them are single use labels.