Hindustan Holograms informs about little known technicalities of Hologram Masters

The Director of Hindustan Holograms today revealed a very little known fact about Hologram Masters.

According to him, a Master is a needed must for printing of holograms, holographic labels and stickers. As per general belief, a Master can be preserved for a long time and can be repeatedly used for printing of holograms, holographic stickers and labels.

This concept of Hologram Master is true to a certain degree. Although the Master can be repeatedly used to produce prints of holograms, the efficacy and effectiveness reduces with time and number of uses in reprints. The end results in hologram prints become less dynamic and may give a dull finish.

The Master of any hologram has an expiry. The Master needs to be produced again. But, the most important point is, any second production of hologram Master will never match with the first Master. There has to be a difference. between the two, how so ever small it may be. The second Hologram Master can never be exact replica of the First Hologram Master.

Customers generally demand of producing a second Master in case the first one is lost or damaged. They expect the second Master to be exactly like the first one. But it is never possible.

The Director, Hindustan Holograms shared this valuable technical information for the benefit of public and hologram users.